Our option has helped thousands of people!

It’s an easy process!


Approval typically takes 24-72 hours

Choose a Home

We’ll start online, then view homes in person.

Lease the Home

You can lease the home as long as necessary

Buy the home! (if you choose)

You aren’t obligated to buy, but if you choose to then you don’t have to move again!

Business Owners

We don’t require 2 years of tax returns to get you approved. A 6 month profit and loss statement can get you into a home now!

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Short Sale‍‍‍?

No problem. We can get you into the next home that you want to purchase.

Bad Credit?

We can get you approved as low as 525. If you have an eviction or repossession, you should visit our credit consult page first.


Because there’s no requirement to purchase, you can test an area out before you commit to living there forever.

Not finding a good rental?

There are, literally, thousands of homes available for you in the DFW metroplex. You can now look at homes for sale too!


“Sean was the best realtor I have ever worked with. I could not have asked for a better experience throughout all of this.”

-Shannon G.


Our clients say it the best!

“Sean was very easy to work with and had the patience of a saint! He always answered emails and returned phone calls promptly.” 

-Amber H.

“I loved working with Sean. He listened to our needs and was very responsive to every email and text.”

-Ann S.

After being financially destroyed from the recession of 2008-2010, we found ourselves in a difficult position. We had a great income and could afford to buy but we were unable to due to financial regulations. This program gave us the best option to live in the home we want to buy at an affordable price. Highly recommend for those who find themselves in a similar situation.

-Michael H.

You made our dream a REALITY . We are very grateful for your program. It was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Moving into a home that we would buy later, so that we don't have to move again and again. Our family has the stability we were after.

-Enrique M.

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