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Home values are rising, our market is strong, and it's a great time to sell!

Team Nance Homes is a full service real estate team with a successful track record selling homes! We work to get you the best price in a time period set to fit your needs!

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Home Values are up over 12% in the last 12 months!

For starters, we embrace the modern day market! 92% of home-buyers begin their search online, so we put your home in front of them there first! Marketing designed to reach the most qualified buyers!

In addition, we offer professional photos, a full video virtual tour, and many other services at no cost before we even hit the market! Take a look at a couple of our past virtual tours!

FREE home value!

In addition to these things, it's important to us that we put YOU first. What are your needs, your goals, and your plans when selling your home? There are five important stages of selling your home, and we will work to make each stage easier for you:


Do we need to make some upgrades? Simply clean the home? Before taking photos and starting advertising, we first must prepare your home to be viewed! We can save you costs on some things, and cover the costs on others!


Pre-Market advertising is important! Have you ever seen a new movie released without first building up hype? All of the premium products build hype before they release them, and your home is a premium product!


We hit the active MLS market only after the first two stages have been implemented. For most buyers, we only have one chance to impress them once they enter the house so let's get it right! Open houses can also be a key to proper marketing.


List price is rarely where we settle and it's barely the tip of items we need to consider. At the end of the transaction, we need to NET you the highest and best possible amount and that is done through educated negotiation.


It's also important to remember that part of negotiating is smoking out offers that may not close. Find the right, qualified buyer and oversee each stage after going under contract from HOA docs to inspection to appraisal to the closing table.

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